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This is the wiki of the second Collaborative world building project by the members of the Cartographer's guild. Right now, this is mostly for testing purposes.

The original collaborative building project (CWBP for short) started in 2008 as an effort of the Cartographer's Guild to map an entire world. Mapping not just the continent but also the regions, the cities and they even made some encounter maps. There were also a lot of descriptions to make the world alive. Unfortunately the old project is dead because the server was attacked and many of his content is now lost.

Whit this second iteration, we hope to make a completely new version of this project by learning from mistakes of the past in order to create a true masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

Cartographer's guild :

The CWBP subforum :

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    Comment: What races do we want in our world? From what we decided some time ago: it's mid fantasy... pretty vague. The calssic combo include almost all the...
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